is a leading provider of VPN Services. We provide private browsing and allow you to hide your IP. We also provide our Free VPN for Mac and PC. Just create a VPN account with us through our very simple VPN services form and you will be on your way to privately browsing the Internet.
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  • GoTrusted VPN Service Features

    • Uses strong encryption & hides your IP
    • Unblock web sites like Facebook™ and YouTube™
    • View TV & Movies from your home country
    • Secures public WiFi for protected & private browsing
    • Unlimited monthly bandwidth & speed
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      Airing on a TV station near you, GoTrusted introduces the guy you definitely do not want to emulate when you're out using free WiFi. Features some good-natured fun about a serious security issue.

    • ○●○ Works for Customers the World Over

      Secure Free Hotspots and WiFi

      GoTrusted works great for users in North America, South America, United Kingdom, Europe and Asia with no slow-downs. Our global network of secure server locations keeps you reliably connected and your wifi privacy protected.

    • ○○● Real Customer Testimonials

      "It works beautifully!!! You just made living in this country a little better!" -KL

      "Thank you... I don't think I could live without it." -EL

      "Thanks GoTrusted Support. You guys are fast, and it's Sunday!" -GR

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Why GoTrusted?

Windows 7 & Mac GoTrusted is the leading VPN providing fast unlimited service for over a decade. Browse in private, unblock websites, view video from your home country, send and receive email, and use social media securely when on GoTrusted. GoTrusted also turns any public free WiFi hotspot into an encrypted and firewalled hotspot for your computer, tablet, or smartphone. This protects your identity and data when mobile. Unlike other 'ad-based' privacy or proxy software, GoTrusted's VPN service network is fast without security compromising ads. GoTrusted is easy to install and use, with no advanced computer knowledge or confusing settings required. With GoTrusted, know your privacy is always protected wherever you connect.
Get Peace of Mind now with GoTrusted.

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