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> iPhone & iPad iOS 10- PPTP is now removed from these mobile devices. Please log into 'Existing Users' on the top of our website, go to Mobile Device Settings and use the new L2TP VPN instructions to configure your device for the GoTrusted network.

> macOS Sierra requires an update of the GoTrusted software. Download here.

> If you are experiencing any issues on TV/video web sites playing content through the GoTrusted session, please contact support using the form below for possible troubleshooting steps.

Updating to the latest version of the software will fix most issues. To do this, please QUIT the current version and click on 'Existing Users' on top of our website to access the latest software and mobile device settings. Please review our Frequently Asked Questions before contacting support. If you can't find an answer here, use the email form below to let us know how we can help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I'm seeing slower performance all of a sudden, it was faster before?

1. I have slow performance, how do I solve this?
Answer: For Mac/Windows:
Please click 'Stop' if not stopped, click the GoTrusted menu and select Settings - there is a Region dropdown there. Change that and Save. Reconnect. The closest region to your location will usually give the fastest service. If that fails to fix the issue, on Windows, go back to Settings > Advanced and select Compatibility Mode. Save and retry. For iPhone/Android: Log into 'Existing Users' at the top of our website and see the mobile settings for your device. In the instructions, there are options to use settings for different regions - change this portion of the setting for your device and retry connecting.

2. I have a new/other computer, how do I download and install and use GoTrusted on the new/other system?
Answer: You may install and use GoTrusted on as may computers as you like, the only limitation is one session connected at a time per account. Just click on the -Existing Users- link at the top of our website to access the Download page.

3. I just signed up and I see a charge on my credit card for $.05 (5 cents), I thought the trial was free?
What you are seeing is not a charge, but just an authorization to see if the card is valid during sign-up. The authorization will fall off within a few days and does not result in a charge of 5 cents. The trial is completely free and you can cancel any time during the 7 days without any charges.

4. I'm seeing slower performance all of a sudden, it was faster before?
Please check your GoTrusted client message status area, if it says that you connected in 'Compatibility Mode for your last connection', disconnect and try reconnecting. Make sure that 'Standard Mode' is selected as well on the GoTrusted Settings Menu > Advanced section. Compatibility mode is sometimes used by the software under certain local network conditions - and may be required to connect where you are. Also, your local country's or ISP's route to our secure server may be slower at certain times of day. Try picking another region in the Settings Menu.

5. When I try to connect, it says that I need 'Administrator Privileges.' I already have this, so what's wrong?
Answer: This error is usually caused because antivirus interfered with the GoTrusted installation. To troubleshoot this, temporarily uninstall your antivirus (don't just disable it), then re-install GoTrusted (download from the 'Existing Users' link on top of our website), then reboot and connect GoTrusted. It should connect normally. Then re-install your antivirus. If you still experience the error or if antivirus wasn't the cause, use the form below to request help from support for this issue. Please note your GoTrusted version and computer OS version in the support request (right-click the red 'G', select 'About' to find the version).

6. How do I know that the encryption is working and that my traffic is being hidden?
Answer: Browsing to sites like when disconnected will show your real IP address. After you connect your GoTrusted Secure Session, you'll see the IP address change when re-browsing to those sites. This is your Secure Session IP and indicates that traffic from your real IP address is being encrypted and hidden.

7. How do I cancel the service?
Answer:You can use the form below. Select 'Cancel Service' for the topic. Make sure to include your account Email Login, and enter the last four digits of the credit card (if not using PayPal) or company account code into the message area.

8. Why can't I send email through my GoTrusted secure session but I can receive fine when using email clients such as Windows Mail or Outlook Express?
Answer: When using GoTrusted's secure VPN service session, you are effectively coming from a distant location outside your ISP when using email. Most ISPs require specific settings when sending email from outside their network. You would encounter the same issue if using your laptop when traveling. Please make sure to set SMTP authentication or other settings required by your ISP for traveling users (see your ISP support page for 'traveling user' email settings specific to your ISP). If all else fails you may always use your ISP's web mail facility to access your email through a standard web browser.

9. I'm in an office and when I connect, the connection completes but Internet traffic is blocked? - Office Web proxy.
Answer: You most likely have a proxy running in your office. Right-click the 'G' icon in the task tray and select Settings, enter the proxy server IP and port, then click Save.

*Note that authenticated proxies are currently not supported.

When connected, web browsers other than Internet Explorer may still use office web proxy directly if they are not set to direct connection. Either use IE as your browser (GoTrusted will automatically configure IE when the tunnel is active), or temporarily disable any proxy settings in other browsers to use the GoTrusted Secure Session.

10. I forgot my login password, how do I retrieve it?
Answer: Just click on the 'Existing Users' link on the top of our website. There's a 'Forgot Password' feature there.

11. Does GoTrusted monitor any of my activities through the secure session?
Answer: No. With the exception for general network performance monitoring, GoTrusted does not monitor individual session traffic.

12. My email address changed, how do I update my account Email Login?
Answer: Since your VPN service account information is tied to your Email Login created during registration, please use the form below to request a new Email Login for your account. Include the last four digits of the credit card or company account code used to open the account in your request.

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