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GoTrusted's VPN service (Virtual Private Networking) creates a protective shield around your computer or mobile device that prevents others from attacking your system or seeing your data by using strong encryption and firewalling. This works from wherever you may connect to the Internet, in public or private.

Do you use ever use public Wi-Fi, like at Starbucks, McDonald's, or your favorite restaurant with your smartphone or laptop? When you connect, others can see what you're sending, and depending upon your device, others can connect to you without you knowing it - scanning your computer or phone. Regardless of your privacy settings in social networking websites like Facebook, your friends, private information, even photos are sent in the clear for everyone to see.
For a quick (and slightly humorous) illustration, please see GoTrusted's TV commercial below...

Unfiltered Internet Access from Anywhere

GoTrusted benefits you when traveling to regions where the Internet is filtered. Our 'secure session' bypasses the locale's firewall, providing unblocked Internet access to News, TV, Facebook, and email. You can select the region you want to connect to in GoTrusted's settings, allowing you to view videos and TV from your home country. For your security and privacy, GoTrusted's VPN service will also hide your IP address.

Easy to Use

GoTrusted's VPN service is simple in operation. There's nothing to configure on your computer and you don't need to be an expert (or even a novice) to use it. You can sign up and start using our service in seconds. Once connected, all traffic your computer sends/receives is encrypted up to our safe 'launching point' to the Internet backbone at GoTrusted's secure site. This is done transparently to your system, and works with virtually all applications. With GoTrusted's FREE 7-day trial, you can sign-up risk-free and cancel anytime during the trial without cost if you're not satisfied for any reason. If you decide to continue, do nothing and have unlimited bandwidth and use of the service for only $5.99 per month for individual accounts.

What's Right

Take care when selecting a company to secure your communications: GoTrusted was one of the first VPN service (Virtual Private Networking) providers - is a trusted USA company - and has been securing communications for Fortune 500 businesses and individuals since 2005. GoTrusted is also the only VPN Service to use its patented technology for the best performance and protection.

Whether you're a security conscious individual, a doctor with vital patient information, or a company that's concerned about remote and traveling employees, GoTrusted has a VPN service plan option for you. Please see more information on our home page for picking the right VPN Service for your size business.

Learn More - VPN Service - Private Browsing

When connecting to a WiFi hotspot at a local cafe, airport or hotel, you can broadcast sensitive information or be attacked by other malicious wireless users. GoTrusted creates a secure tunnel that gets you safely connected to the Internet, protects your system and encrypts your sensitive information.

How it Works

...Just one button!

How Does It Works

From anywhere in the world, or even at home, just connect to the Internet, start the GoTrusted software from the 'Start Menu' on Windows, or 'Applications folder' on Mac, then click the 'Go Secure' button. It couldn't be simpler!

GoTrusted can also be used on your mobile devices like iPad, iPhone and Android.

Register for our Free Trial now and begin using GoTrusted in minutes.