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GoTrusted Announces Military-Grade Encryption for Android Phones and Devices

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Today GoTrusted announced the availability of a suite of military-grade high-encryption libraries available as an Android application. The new GoTrusted Mil-Crypt Android application provides AES-256 bit encrypted protection to VoIP (voice over IP) and data channels on the devices.

"GoTrusted is pleased to announce our new network security software for Android, tailored for the high encryption needs of official organizations and governments," said David Lonardo, President of GoTrusted. "The Android devices have become so extensible and flexible, that they are providing new capabilities as mobile communications and processing platforms for people in the field. A lot of pilot programs are on-going that are showing increased performance of mobile employees. The only missing piece was the very high-encryption needed by organizations such as law enforcement and government."

GoTrusted's new application installs a wrapper of higher level AES-256 encryption over the current Android connection and communications capabilities – providing transparent integration to any existing or future deployment of Android devices. Initial pricing for the software is set at $69 per device with volume discounts available.

"The new Mil-Crypt software also dovetails well with our standard Android service, already available, that's used where standard strong (AES-128) encryption meets their needs," continued Lonardo. "This gives the customer a range of services and software available to meet their Android security requirements."

To obtain more information about GoTrusted or GoTrusted Mil-Crypt software, email or visit

About The Founders of GoTrusted

GoTrusted, a USA-based corporation, was founded in 2005 by former executives of Symantec Corporation's hardware firewall, intrusion, and encryption division (now Juniper Networks). With roots going back to the original hardware devices for sharing and protecting the Internet, GoTrusted's core personnel experience and capabilities in network security and availability extend over 15 years. In that time, they were responsible for the direction of dozens of security products successfully launched, and used by government, Fortune 500, and official organizations for their network security requirements.

About GoTrusted

GoTrusted's mission is to provide easy-to-use and accessible encryption methods to the general public, business, and official organizations. We fill the need for privacy, security and availability to end-users who connect to the Internet by using a third-party's WiFi 'hotspot' (such as remote offices, airports, hotels, and cafes), mobile network, or wired connection. We do this without encumbering the customer with the complexities of the back-end database, authentication, networking and encryption infrastructure – keeping high level security simple to use. uses high-speed, physically secure and HIPAA compliant site connections to the Internet to terminate our secure Internet sessions.

GoTrusted is a privately held company headquartered in Florida, USA. If you would like to find out more about GoTrusted contact

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