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Company News Releases Internet Security Application for Apple Macintosh

Friday, October 22, 2010

Today launched a new Internet security application for the Apple Macintosh that encrypts all Internet activity over insecure public 'hotspot' Wi-Fi connections.

"Given the recent increased customer base of the Apple Macintosh, and the lack of other Internet security already installed on those systems, users should take extra precaution when using public Wi-Fi at cafés, when traveling, or other locations" said David Lonardo, President of GoTrusted. "Before now, there wasn't a simple and effective way to encrypt your Internet connection on the Mac without configuring a bunch of settings or the chance that the methods used weren't going to work on the hotspot you were on."

GoTrusted's new Macintosh application uses 'SSL VPN' (virtual private networking) technology to encrypt traffic over the GoTrusted VPN service network, used globally to encrypt and secure Internet access. Created for simple use, the new application, called GoTrusted Secure Tunnel, requires no configuration, and, because of the SSL-based encryption, will work where other VPN services may be blocked. The GoTrusted application is available at or popular software repositories such as CNET's The new Macintosh SSL VPN service joins the current GoTrusted Windows VPN service.

"It sounds like an advertisement, but even if we weren't in this business, I'd always be using some sort of VPN security. After seeing what your email clients and browsers send out in the clear for a mile around, we really don't have an employee that doesn't use the service on their off-time when on public Wi-Fi," continued Lonardo.

To obtain more information about GoTrusted or GoTrusted Secure Tunnel software, email or visit

About GoTrusted

GoTrusted’s goal is to provide easy to use and accessible encryption methods to the general public. We fill the need for privacy, security and availability to end-users who connect to the Internet by using a third-party’s wireless 'hotspot' (such as airports and cafes) or wired connection (such as hotels). GoTrusted does this without encumbering the customer with the complexities of the back-end database, authentication, networking and encryption infrastructure. GoTrusted uses high-speed, physically secure and HIPAA compliant site connections to the Internet to terminate our secure tunnels.

GoTrusted is a privately held company headquartered in Miami, FL. If you would like to find out more about GoTrusted contact

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