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Company News Announces New Internet Security Service for Apple iPhone Users

Thursday, August 2, 2007 today launched a new service to secure Wi-Fi and Edge based Internet connections for Apple iPhone users. The new service protects iPhones from vulnerabilities exploited over insecure networks and encrypts all of the iPhone’s Internet traffic. The service is initially offered free to try for all iPhone users.

GoTrusted’s new security service announcement coincides with a planned disclosure at the Blackhat 2007 Vegas conference of iPhone vulnerabilities that can be exploited over insecure Internet connections. “The Apple iPhone is basically a mini-computer with a full suite of Internet enabled applications, it’s not a surprise that some sort of vulnerability is going to be found when using an insecure Internet connection,” said David Lonardo, president of GoTrusted. “iPhone users should be taking similar precautions that a laptop user should be taking when using wireless Internet access. Even using a secure access point does not mean that your traffic cannot be intercepted further down the line of the local Internet connection, such as at the local router. That’s where using GoTrusted’s new iPhone security service provides protection, regardless of the network used, with or without passwords.” David adds, “iPhones using GoTrusted’s security service would not be vulnerable to the new exploit being disclosed today, whether the iPhone is patched or not with any updates from Apple. It also protects users going forward from unknown vulnerabilities.”

The new generation of smart phones brings up additional security concerns that go beyond the latest discovered vulnerability. “iPhone users are usually doing something a little more complex than sending a simple ‘What are you doing?’ text message when they use the network. That’s why securing network traffic is more important for iPhones, or smart phones in general,” David continued. “Our service keeps what the user is browsing, searching, their email and other network traffic private and secure. It’s completely scrambled before it leaves the iPhone. Our service prevents email, for example, flying in clear text for miles around when using your iPhone on an open Wi-Fi access point. This gives the user a bit more piece of mind and allows a wider selection of Internet connectivity without the worry.”

In addition to being available for the iPhone,’s Internet security services are also available for Windows users by downloading their GoTrusted Secure Tunnel software. Apple iPhone users can sign up for the free trial by going to

To obtain more information about GoTrusted, the new iPhone security service or GoTrusted Secure Tunnel software, email or visit

About GoTrusted

GoTrusted’s goal is to provide easy to use and accessible encryption methods to the general public. We fill the need for privacy, security and availability to end-users who connect to the Internet by using a third-party’s wireless 'hotspot' (such as airports and cafes) or wired connection (such as hotels). GoTrusted does this without encumbering the customer with the complexities of the back-end database, authentication, networking and encryption infrastructure. GoTrusted uses high-speed, physically secure and HIPAA compliant site connections to the Internet to terminate our secure tunnels.

GoTrusted is a privately held company headquartered in Miami, FL. If you would like to find out more about GoTrusted contact

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