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About Our VPN Service - VPN Account - Hide Your IP

Who we are

GoTrusted's mission is to provide easy to use and accessible VPN services to the general public and business. We fill the need for private browsing, identity protection, and availability to end-users who connect to the Internet by using a third-party's WiFi 'hotspot' (such as airports, hotels and cafes) or wired connection. We do this without encumbering the customer with the complexities of the back-end database, authentication, networking and encryption infrastructure – keeping high level security simple to use. uses high-speed, physically secure and HIPAA compliant site connections to the Internet to terminate our secure Internet sessions and hide your IP.

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GoTrusted is a privately held company headquartered in Florida. To learn more about GoTrusted, please email us at

Our Address

900 SE Ocean Blvd.
Suite 232-D
Stuart, Florida 34994
United States

About Our VPN Service - VPN Account - Hide Your IP